Multiple injury claims in one auto accident case

Many times you have multiple passengers injured in one auto accident.  This can complicate matters, but fortunately most good insurance policies are prepared for this situation.  Most policies will have a maximum amount of insurance available, say for example $300,000.00.  That policy will then put a limit of $100,000.00 per person.  So if you have three passengers injured in the other vehicle (where the driver was not at fault) each have $100,000.00 in available bodily injury insurance available to cover their insurance claims.

Each claim is separate, but they share the common set of facts when it comes to who was at fault in the accident.  Of course, each claim is different when it comes to damages: how much each individual is entitled to be compensated from that insurance policy.  This depends on a number of factors which is best determined when working with an experienced and successful West Virginia Auto Accident Attorney.  We always meet with people for free, whether or not they end up hiring us, and frequently assist people in coming up with a fair amount of compensation deserved.


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