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Choose the right doctor after your southern West Virginia car accident

Choosing well-qualified, caring doctors quickly is important for your health and for your car accident claims. As a West Virginia car accident lawyer, many of my clients have no health insurance; many have no doctor; and, they do not know where they should go for medical care following a car accident. We interact with the best medical doctors in the southern West Virginia area, including Greenbrier County, Mercer County and Raleigh County, West Virginia; and, we can provide critical guidance when it counts.

The sad truth is many doctors refuse to see car accident victims, especially those without insurance. Many doctors also work for auto insurance companies, making thousands of dollars examining car accident victims and “discounting” the injuries suffered. If you innocently choose one of these “insurance or defense” doctors, you will have little opportunity to receive full and fair compensation for your injury.  Do not run the risk of going to the wrong place for your medical care.

You should also know that those “car accident & injury clinics” like the TV lawyer advertisers need lots of “clients” to pay for all that advertising. Do you want to go where the focus is on profit or patient care? You should NOT be treated like a number by your doctor or your lawyer. You deserve the best medical care and the best legal representation. While we can not represent everyone that asks us, our goal is to make a huge difference for those who we do represent. Our results, including numerous car accident and personal injury settlements, right here in southern West Virginia, demonstrate that hiring the right lawyer, right from the start, may help you reach your goal to win the highest award you deserve.

– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Car Accident Attorney