On being successful in a West Virginia car accident case

As a West Virginia car accident lawyer, I have seen many examples of people who’s cases were mishandled due to the neglect or improper representation of a prior attorney.  Many attorneys will just sign a client up, then will talk with the insurance company about settling the case, and then eventually will talk the client into taking an extremely lowball offer because they are not able or not willing to file suit and take the case towards trial. 

For this reason, I can tell you that the proper way of finding a West Virginia car accident attorney is not to just open up the yellow pages and choose the flashiest advertisement.  Though many, many, attorneys advertise as West Virginia personal injury attorneys or West Virginia car accident attorneys, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those attorneys are experienced in these types of cases.  Many of these attorneys may not even regularly try cases.

Insurance companies know which attorneys try cases and which do not, and they offer settlements accordingly.  If they know they don’t have much to fear – that the attorney will want to avoid trial at all costs and will advise the client against trial, they will make a low offer.  And vice-versa.  The best way to achieve a successful resolution to a West Virginia car accident case is to make sure that you choose an attorney who has a record of trying difficult cases and winning.

 – John H. Bryan, West Virginia Car Accident Attorney.


One response to “On being successful in a West Virginia car accident case

  1. If only personal injury lawyers avoid screaming how great they are in their ads in the yellow pages and in other forms of mass media, for that matter. If they do, clients will surely choose them over the other ones!

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