I was involved in a car accident in West Virginia – The other driver’s insurance said I don’t need a lawyer – Is this true?

Some insurance companies will send letters to people involved in car or truck accidents telling the injured person that they do not need an attorney.

Since 1995, for example, Allstate has been sending a letter entitled “Do I need an Attorney?” which makes the following claims, among others:

1. Claims are settled faster when a lawyer is not involved;
2. Lawyers charge a percentage of recovery and if you settle directly with Allstate you get to keep the entire amount;
3. Injury victims can hire a lawyer later if they don’t like the settlement offer;
The letter includes many other statements that are misleading, half-true, or not true at all.

Other insurance companies also try to convince injured people not to hire their own lawyer.
Here is the plain truth–Allstate, and the other insurance companies who send these types of letters, do not care anything at all about you or whether you receive a fair settlement.

In fact, the insurance company’s own statistics prove that its costs the insurance industry an average of $9000 more per claim when the injured person has a lawyer.

The reason the insurance companies try to convince people not to hire an experienced lawyer is because they know they can settle the case more cheaply if the injured person doesn’t have a lawyer.

The truth is that you should always at least consult with an attorney before settling a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Personally, I never charge anything for meeting with a client and answering any questions they may have about their case. Other good personal injury lawyers in West Virginia offer the same benefit.

For example, a West Virginia car accident lawyer can help you figure out:

1. The reasonable value of your case;
2. Why delay may be a good thing (or a bad thing);
3. How to get your medical bills and treatment taken care of;
4. How to recoup any lost wages;
5. How long the case will take.

And many other topics. Or any other questions you may have about your case.

The insurance companies won’t answer these questions. Or at least they won’t give you straight and truthful answers.

If you have been involved in a serious car or truck accident in West Virginiia, and the insurance company is trying to convince you not to hire a lawyer, you should know right away that they are trying to trick you into settling your case for pennies on the dollar.
And once you know the insurance company is trying to do this, you know you can’t trust a thing they tell you after that.


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