Pedestrian Hit by Truck on WV Turnpike – Police Urge Against Pedestrians on Interstate

A 90 year-old man was hit by a UPS tractor trailer several days ago after stopping his car on the side of the road, walking across the turnpike near Beckley to ask directions from construction workers, and then trying to walk back across.

The driver of the UPS truck was not cited. Reportedly, he tried to stop and sounded his air horns and attempted to steer the truck away from the pedestrian.

State Police Cpl. David Skala noted that pedestrian traffic on interstate highways is not allowed. He urged people to never even walk on an interstate highway’s shoulder and especially warned them not to set foot in the traffic lanes. Quite often, drivers will veer into the shoulder, striking motorists pulled over. Police officers conducting traffic stops have also been killed by such drivers.

“That’s why you see signs on interstates that say, ‘No pedestrians, bicycles, horses or mopeds,’” Skala said.

While pulling onto the shoulder in an emergency is OK, troopers have often found people walking alongside the turnpike. Some are tending to disabled vehicles, and others are hitchhiking. Skala said. Those lost on an interstate should wait until they find the nearest exit. Then they should call for help on a cell phone.

You can read the full article from the Register-Herald here.

– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Car Accident Attorney.


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