NHTSA Study: West Virginia Higher Than National Average For Alcohol Related Fatal Car Accidents

According to the NHTSA Study released in February of 2008, West Virginia is one of the highest states for fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel (VMT) when it comes to fatalities in alcohol related accidents. The study covered 2005 and 2006. The rate in West Virginia was much higher than all of its surrounding states.

In 2005, there were a total of 374 fatalities overall in West Virginia car accidents. That yields a total of 1.82 fatalities per 100 million VMT. 110 of those fatalities in 2005 were alcohol related. That yields a percentage of .54.

In 2006, it got worse. There were a total of 410 fatalities, yielding a total percentage of 1.96 per 100 million VMT. 129 of those fatalities were alcohol related, thus yielding a percentage of .62 fatalities per 100 million VMT.

Just to compare, in 2006, Virginia’s was .37, Ohio’s was .34, Maryland’s was .34, Pennsylvania’s was .45 and Kentucky’s was .46.

Complete .pdf file containing the study:


– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Car Accident Attorney.


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