Barone: Good News on Auto Accident Trends

As I was sorting through some old articles, I saw this 2007 opinion piece by Michael Barone, in USNews, the full article for which can be found here.

He reported some optimistic figures regarding the startling number of traffic fatalities that we have every year in the U.S.

The number of people killed in car accidents in 2006 was 42,682. That’s more than the number of Americans killed in the Korean War and more than 10 times the number of Americans killed in Iraq. Although that seems like a huge amount, the percentage of fatalities has actually gone down over the years. For instance, in 1937, there were 37,819 traffic fatalities, which is nearly 90 percent of the 2006 figure, but at a time where there was over 14 times less miles driven.

Why? Barone cites safer vehicles, now equipped with seat belts and airbags, as well as safer roads, such as interstates and crackdowns on drunk driving. I would like to think that efforts by car accident attorneys at promoting civil justice have also played a role in making our roads safer.

– John H. Bryan, West Virginia Car Accident Attorney.


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