Top Ten Professions most likely to cause a car accident

I recently found a Times Online article, which can be found here, detailing which professions are most likely to cause a car accident. Too bad most drivers on our roads here in West Virginia are not astrologers…

The highest and lowest percentage of people within each profession who have had an accident that was their fault:

Most likely are:

1. Lifeguard – 13.79 per cent

2. Tobacconist – 13.64 per cent

3. Doctor/ GP – 12.96 per cent

4. Surgeon 12.76 per cent

5. Systems Analyst 12.59 per cent

6. Psychiatrist 12.55 per cent

7. Gynaecologist 12.5 per cent

8. Insurance Inspector 12.44 per cent

9. Psychologist 12.33 per cent

10. Meteorologist 12.26 per cent

Least likely are:

1. Astrologer 1.75 per cent

2. Watchmaker 2.05 per cent

3. Driving examiner 2.63 per cent

4. Chimney sweep 2.67 per cent

5. Boilerman 3.21 per cent

6. Actor 3.33 per cent

7. Mobile hairdresser 3.4 per cent

8. Driving instructor 3.49 per cent

9. Promoter 3.6 per cent

10. Gravedigger 3.83 per cent


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